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ChampDream is your child's mentor, friend and coach beyond the classroom with the goal of increasing mental, physical and emotional strength of your child through a package of their dream fun activities and guide the parents through the progress of the child.

We curate these packages to engage, stimulate and expose your child to a wide variety of activities helping them find their real passion and flourish into it.

We understand how difficult is for parents to take their child to multiple activities at separate timings and to attend along with them. Thus, we are passionate to create an ecospace of such activities at a single place and in a single duration of time.

We also understand that choosing the right path for the child is every parent's utmost responsibility and wish. Thus we help the parents in identifying the right path for their child by providing regular feedbacks and progress in the child. We also recommend based on your child's interests and talent about which activities to chose and grow in.

For the overall development of your child, we have all customized package of activities to chose from.

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What Parents say:

Monika says:

My daughter used to sit quietly everytime. We were worried about her but exposure to multiple activities through ChampDream has made her come out of comfortability zone...

October 12, 2019

Pradeep says:

My son is 8 years old and was very good in football but could not focus in anything. With ChampDream progress mapping, I can see a lot of focus improvement in him while reading, drawing and still playing football.

November 18, 2019