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Rashmi, Mumbai

Really appreciate this initiative. Though i was apprehensive about whether these classes will be of any benefit, it seems like it has surprised me. Yesterday my daughter gave me checkmate in just 9 moves. Said it was one of the tactic she learnt. Must say she has improved quite a lot. Also surprised me by giving me tough fight.

Asmi, Bangalore

I am happy that ChampDream is very accommodative.  Usually kids of 6 yrs are difficult to predict regarding their interest. We spent lot of money by paying monthly fees but Aadhya never attended more than a week in other places. After seeing your flyer about demo we wanted to check her interest and join. It helped us. Thank you.

Aditya, Delhi

My son is 8 years old and was very good in drawing but could not focus in anything. With ChampDream progress mapping, I can see a lot of focus improvement in him while reading, drawing and even when playing outside. I could not thank enough to ChampDream for arranging these activities.

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